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We’re Karla and Tom, Founders of We’re authentic travelers — real people — who offer our immersive roving travel experiences and tips that stem from many decades of international travel. We hope what we say here will help you decide where to go and what to do to fulfill your travel dreams.

Why do we say we’re real people and authentic travelers? Because you won’t find computer generated stories here. We write our stories based on our actual travel experience. You won’t find AI stories here nor is this a site set up for rankings in Internet search engines. We write to share our experiences and to answer your questions and to provide value to you, our colleagues in travel.

RoverTrekkers Karla & Tom
RoverTrekkers Karla & Tom

We’re retired executives with 60+ years of public and private sector experience between us. In the past, we spent a lot of time in the media as the subjects of media attention and as analysts, commentators, and publishers of content for television, radio, and print media about a wide range public policy issues.

Now we enjoy highlighting the achievements of others through our destination travel stories. Our stories connect the past, present and future to inspire audiences and span an array of topics to include culture, history, law, public policy, space, technology security, travel, and the future.

As executives, we bring a strategic perspective to our work. As writers, we look for the compelling story everywhere we go and document our work with interviews, recordings, videos, and stunning photography.

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Baby boomers and nomadic travelers of all ages are our target audience. Our experience is boomers and nomads of all ages are active crisscrossing the globe. We make this assessment based on our international travel of 300 days a year between 2014-2019.

For example, take a look at our recent 2024 story for Leisure Vans about Savannah and Tybee Island, Georgia. Leisure Vans has an Email newsletter list of 400,000 readers. They broadcast to this list bi-weekly. The average age of a Leisure Van owner is 72. Clearly, these readers are RV owner baby boomers. But, the subjects of the story — Savannah and Tybee Island — are of interest to a great many readers at much younger ages. Students who attend or apply for entrance to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), their parents and other relatives, travelers from I-95 who visit the Savannah area, many of whom are not baby boomers, all have an interest in the Savannah – Tybee area. You’ll see a different version of this story we cite above on this blog here in 2024.

Our readers and social media viewers span ages 20-70. The percentage of male and female viewers varies by social media platform split between 47-53%. Readership is worldwide on all continents. One-half of our viewers are in the United States and British Commonwealth countries with the remaining in various continents.

Our readers display an interest in these topical categories: travel, safaris, city sightseeing, street art, expat living, nomadic travel, RV’ing, motorcycling, fine art photography, street photography, hotels and Airbnb, food and restaurants. We find anything we post in video and color photo close-ups of food invokes the largest response.

Yes, these are broad categories and not the micro-blog niche the search engines like. But as we see it, broad ranges of people in multiple societies worldwide like roving travel. Different stories we write appeal to different segments of our readership. Not everyone will present an interest in RV travel just as not all of our readers will ever live in Thailand or reveal an interest in Southeast Asia. We share all of our travel experiences with you, regardless of the variation of interests of our readers.

Social Media – Syndication Reach

Everything we publish, whether in print or online, reaches about 2 million viewers worldwide. That’s because our social media posts connect with syndicated outlet’s online, local Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Destination Management Organizations, and other media.

Here’s where you can find us online:

Facebook: RoverTreks
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You’ll find our stories about RV Life here and at Leisure Travel Vans and the Family Motor Coach Association sites.

Work with us

Once in a while, we accept sponsored trips that align with the interests of our audience and objectives. Our work ethic stems from our upbringing: do a job right the first time, on time, every time, deliver more than is promised, and to not call an assignment complete until it’s done and done right.

One trip usually generates at least three and as many as a dozen published pieces on the Internet or in print. We also tag snapshots of our findings in the form of photos, videos, and quick posts to your social media accounts while on press trips. Our stories and social media posts are rebroadcast via many outlets including our travel journalist association network contacts.

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