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From festivals in Florida to touring Dracula’s digs in Romania, we round up the best destinations to visit — off season, and under the radar.


Chapman’s Peak, South Africa: where sea, sky, and land becken you to explore

There are few places on earth where Nature offers up a feast for the eyes, a never-ending cornucopia of sea, sky, and land, soothing...
From the Keukenhof

Spectacular color and beauty await you at the Keukenhof!

Wandering among the Tulips at Keukenhof, Holland The tulip is a revered symbol of the Netherlands.  And this famous garden in the town of Keukenhof is an...
18" Deluxe Pizza - Sal's

St. Simons Island, Georgia-USA: Sal’s Neighborhood Pizza

New York Pizza in Coastal Georgia We’re eating in U.S. restaurants again given our return from foreign travel.  And a visit to this place is...
Isle Izavideo

Isle Iza: a new destination wedding site on Skopelos Island, Greece!

Get married near the "Mama Mia" Church on Skopelos Island, Greece When it comes to wedding venues, likes and dislikes are wide-ranging.  Some people want a...
Gyro with salad

Roanoke, Virginia: The Athens Corner Grill brings a bit of Greece to Blue Ridge...

The Athens Corner Grill: Authentic Greek, and yes, American food await you here Take a Greek-American from Long Island, New York, bless him with good...
Beach near Klima

Escape to Greece: hidden beach getaways await you on Skopelos

No one knows for sure how many beaches there are on the 12.7-mile long island of Skopelos.  Not even the locals, whose ancestors scaled...
Skyscanner Statistics-Holiday Travel

Skyscanner Reveals The Best Time To Book Holiday Travel

Procrastinators rejoice! Skyscanner reveals the best time for holiday travel … and it's later than you think! Global travel search engine uncovers that booking holiday travel four weeks...
Worshipers lighting off Sky Lanterns

The Iconic Sky Lantern Festivals In Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chances are you’ve seen the iconic imagery of the bright orange sky lanterns surging through the night sky in Thailand.  But where do you...
RoverTreks — Two Tricycle Tuk Tuks, Thailand

Go to Thailand, smoke an E-cigarette, go to jail

Smoking in Thailand could land you in jail! Do you vape?  If so, watch out in Thailand. Using E-cigarettes could be a problem for you. According to...

Greece — Paying by cash or credit cards — How To Decide What To...

Bargaining for cash — common in Greece ... If you travel full-time like we do, or just travel a lot, you probably use your credit...

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