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From festivals in Florida to touring Dracula’s digs in Romania, we round up the best destinations to visit — off season, and under the radar.

Independence Plaza, Montevideo

Roving in Uruguay: Top Tips to See the Country by Car – Part III

In this post, we pick up where we left off in Part II of our series citing our top tips for a quick look-see...
The delights you encounter as a Rover. This "Dipsy-Doodle" bridge connects an area near Punta del Este with the small town of La Barra, Uruguay

Roving in Uruguay: Top Tips to See the Country by Car – Part II

In this post, we pick up where we left off in Part I citing our top tips for a quick look-see of Uruguay. As...
Night time shot of the iconic city sign at Montevideo

Roving in Uruguay: Top Tips to see the Country by Car – Part I

Uruguay. It’s a small, somewhat off the-beaten path, Atlantic coast country in the southernmost third of South America. Snuggled next to neighbors Brazil and...
The Sunbury Sound at High Tide

Three great spots for bird watching along the Georgia coast

Coastal Georgia Awaits Birdwatchers Georgia. The mere utterance of the name invokes images of the Deep South and Savannah, with its antebellum homes, wrought iron...
Family on a bike, Phnom Phen, Cambodia

Get lots of smiles and new friends on a motorbike in Asia

Ride a motorbike and make new friends in Asia Well, this is what my life has come down to as of late 2014. After years...
Gin & Tonic with Dutch Sweetwood, Hugh's, Rotterdam, Holland

Review: Hugh’s! Rotterdam, Holland

When you travel the world for 300+ days a year outside your home country, you wonder about that next delightful travelers surprise that might...
Church, Southern Greenland

Greenland: A cultural, political, and geographic oddity

Greenland Greenland. This country tops our list as a destination travel multi-categorical oddity. It’s one of the most out-of-the-way destinations on Earth. It’s a place...
Low Country Produce - Steak salad

Low Country Produce Market & Cafe, Beaufort, South Carolina — 1950’s era ambiance, 21st...

Low Country Produce Market & Cafe Take a walk around picturesque and historic downtown Beaufort, South Carolina, and you’re bound to run into the Low...
The Monte Vardia Swimming Pool

Review: The Monte Vardia Hotel, Chania, Crete

Offering panoramic views of Chania A view of Chania, Crete from the Monte Vardia The island of Crete lays east to west in the Mediterranean Sea....
Salads on the counter top

KIPOS: Scrumptious Greek food in the heart of North Carolina

KIPOS It's hard to find tasty Greek food outside of Greece. We know. We've spent a lot of time in Greece. Our experience with Greek restaurants...

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