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Worshipers lighting off Sky Lanterns

The Iconic Sky Lantern Festivals In Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chances are you’ve seen the iconic imagery of the bright orange sky lanterns surging through the night sky in Thailand.  But where do you...
Redacted, Sample O-A Visa

Thailand: Long term visas, retirement and you

For many travelers, Thailand is a magical, mysterious, iconic, hauntingly beautiful place burrowed into the depths of Southeast Asia nearly beyond the grasp of...
Broom Lady, Thailand

Top Reasons To Visit Chiang Mai, Thailand

If ever there was a place projecting the perfect fusion of east meets west, in the minds of many, it is Chiang Mai, Thailand. Step...
The Seafood Buffet-Route 1317-Chiang Mai Thailand

Sneak peek: hot new seafood buffet in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sneak peek: hot new seafood buffet in Chiang Mai — and not a tourist in sight Everyday after 5 pm, snarls of cars and motorbikes —...
RoverTreks — Man sleeping on motorbike

The Motorbike Reigns In Southeast Asia!

Motorbikes reign in Thailand and throughout South East Asia!  And yes, that's not surprising. 150cc type motorbikes are a primary means of transportation here. There's...
RoverTreks — Two Tricycle Tuk Tuks, Thailand

Shopping In Thailand: Malls as modern as you’ll find anywhere!

Worried about finding stuff from your home country while traveling abroad?  That's a legitimate concern.  But you'll have few worries in Thailand.  Here's why. Malls...
RoverTreks — Two Tricycle Tuk Tuks, Thailand

Why now is the ideal time to go to Thailand

Thailand.  The mere utterance of the name ushers in images of an exotic far away tropical land in SE Asia where basking in magical...

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