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From festivals in Florida to touring Dracula’s digs in Romania, we round up the best destinations to visit — off season, and under the radar.


Greece — Paying by cash or credit cards — How To Decide What To...

Bargaining for cash — common in Greece ... If you travel full-time like we do, or just travel a lot, you probably use your credit...
RoverTreks — Two Tricycle Tuk Tuks, Thailand

Go to Thailand, smoke an E-cigarette, go to jail

Smoking in Thailand could land you in jail! Do you vape?  If so, watch out in Thailand. Using E-cigarettes could be a problem for you. According to...

Glimpses of Greece

It's been 30-years since I visited Greece. After walking around Athens I'm starting to feel like I'm "back home". It's been great to hear...
RoverTreks — Robben Island

Review: Robben Island, South Africa

 Go to hear the firsthand stories of former prisoners It’s difficult to visit South Africa without conjuring up imagery of Apartheid, slavery, murder, torture, beatings,...
RoverTreks — Addo National Elephant Park-Elephants Watering

Review: The Chrislin African Lodge and Crisscross Tours

In South Africa today, it’s almost impossible to see the big game species outside parks. Poaching, human encroachment and the attendant loss of habitat...
View of Strand, South Africa

Review: Helderview Hotel & Suites, Somerset West, South Africa

Spacious rooms, quaint facilities, and 180° hilltop views of Strand and False Bay from Somerset West Remember our story about snagging a $480 a night...
RoverTreks — A nighttime view of Strand & Gordon's Bay from Somerset West, South Africa

Glimpses of South Africa

South Africa In a word: Wow! Some of the imagery seems to be taken straight out of Jurassic Park. Why go? To see the sights, go...
Abu Dhabi Temple

Glimpses of the United Arab Emirates

  In December 1971, seven independent sheikhdom's in the southeastern most tip of the Persian Gulf were brought together into the new country of the...
O. Winston Link — Steam Engine Photographer

Rovin’ in Roanoke: The O. Winston Link Museum — Part II

If you love photography and are fascinated with trains, you won't be disappointed if you visit the O. Winston Link museum in downtown Roanoke, co-located...

Rovin’ in Roanoke: First Impressions — Part I

If you hop in a car and drive westerly out Route 66 from the Washington, D.C. area for about an hour to Front Royal,...

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