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Savannah’s Prohibition Museum: History And Our Love-Hate Relationship with Alcohol

Savannah, a historic party town of the U.S. South and one of five cities where you can still get a carry-out cup of booze,...
Traveler relaxing on Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas

Rovertreks — A Photographic Review of our Travels in 2017

Our Year of Americas Travel When you travel the world 300 days a year as we do, it can be revealing to look back and...
Haw River Infuses History, Renews Souls

Haw River Infuses History, Renews Souls

From Travel World International Magazine Winter Edition 2017 Kayaking and History on the Historic Haw River, Alamance County, North Carolina When you set out to kayak the...
Night time shot of the iconic city sign at Montevideo

Roving in Uruguay: Top Tips to see the Country by Car – Part I

Uruguay. It’s a small, somewhat off the-beaten path, Atlantic coast country in the southernmost third of South America. Snuggled next to neighbors Brazil and...
Church, Southern Greenland

Greenland: A cultural, political, and geographic oddity

Greenland Greenland. This country tops our list as a destination travel multi-categorical oddity. It’s one of the most out-of-the-way destinations on Earth. It’s a place...
Sunbury, July 4, 2018

Coastal Georgia at Sunbury: A dream stop for Foodies, Photographers, Boaters, and Historians

Georgia. The mere utterance of the name invokes images of the Deep South and Savannah, with its antebellum homes, wrought iron gates, cobblestone streets,...
Iron age home built over bronze age home, The Shetland Islands

Shetland: Visit to lose yourself in unique cinematography and history

At 60° North, a titanic conflict from antiquity rages between the Atlantic and the Sea of the North, for dominion over a subarctic archipelago...

Want to see the Moon? Go to Iceland.

  Imagine you set up a surprise birthday for your best guy friend. Time and money are no object. On the big day, you blindfold him,...
RoverTreks — A nighttime view of Strand & Gordon's Bay from Somerset West, South Africa

Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Rover?

Are you a rebel who embraces change and the "less is more" philosophy? You may be a candidate for a roving lifestyle. But what does that mean? Learn more here.
RoverTreks — Laos, 4WD Rental Truck

How to save money renting cars abroad!

Is loyalty to a rental car brand costing you? If you’re like many of us, you probably hold one or more memberships in a rental...

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