RoverTreks — Two Tricycle Tuk Tuks, Thailand
RoverTreks — Two Tricycle Tuk Tuks, Thailand

Smoking in Thailand could land you in jail!

Do you vape?  If so, watch out in Thailand. Using E-cigarettes could be a problem for you.

According to their daily news, those who light up could go to jail and fine a stiff fine.  Why? Because there's no provision in Thai law for E-cigarettes. They are not taxed.  Therefore, possession under Thai law could be construed as illegal, according to a police spokeswoman cited in the media.

The importation, sale and production for sale of E-cigarettes is against the law.  Offenders could serve 10-year sentences for the production and sale of E-cigarettes and a fine of five times the value of the goods or both. This law has been on the books since December 2014.

 A popular online police page in Thailand has confirmed this report.  Sources for this report are:

The Daily News

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