Top Seven Tips To Get Your Story On RoverTreks

    Top Seven Tips To Get Your
    Story On RoverTreks

    RoverTreks welcomes freelance submissions. Roving, nomadic, destination, and other aspects of travel are central themes on this site. Food, wine, and reviews are welcome too. We also welcome non-fiction editorial on topics that impact the travel and hospitality industry directly or indirectly.

    What You Need To Know

    1. Know our site content. This site is a chronicle about worldwide roving and nomadic travel. It shows what it is in every story. If you want to post your story here, read through our content.

    2. Write about food, wine or travel or any topic that impacts these topical areas. We focus on roving travel. This might seems obvious since RoverTreks is our name. But a surprising number of submissions arrive that have little to do with our thematic content. You’ll see stories here that deal with history, culture, languages, technology, security and other matters. But they relate to travel.

    3. Tell us what we don't know. Yes, we focus on roving travel. We've been to 100 countries. And we'd like to think we've seen it all. But we know better. Surprise us! If you do so, we know you’ll surprise our readers.

    4. Write with authority. Show your command of your subject. We want a sense that you have in-depth knowledge of your topic and a command of the written word to provide us with compelling content.

    5. Get our attention FAST. If you lose us with your first few sentences you’ve lost us forever. We’ll hit the delete button.

    6. Be clear. Establish a sense of place in your story. Don’t lead our readers around through multiple paragraphs before you get to the point. Assert your theme, create a picture with active verbs, provide evidence, and tell our readers how they can do what you describe.

    7. Wrap it up right! We tell our writers to begin in the middle of a story. Many do it right. But they forget to tie off their story with an ending. Bring your reader back to the beginning, display the inevitable outcome, or answer a question, so they are not left hanging.

    Many writers send us lengthy resumes. Resumes do not impress us. What impresses us is a clear, compelling query or story. The best resume is a query or story that shows how well you write.

    We want new writers. It's one reason why we publish RoverTreks — to share the joy of discovery through storytelling. We love to put out content that excites our readers and us.

    Do you have a story that’s ideal for RoverTreks? Become familiar with our site and follow these simple guidelines. We look forward to your submission. You can query us at

    See more information about our submission guidelines.