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Laos — Our Trip To The “Pussy” Market

RoverTreks — Laos, Phosy Market
Laos.  Ok.  A somewhat lighthearted and funny story to share with you. So we arrive in Luang Prubang, Laos last week and get an in briefing from a hotel owner about what to do in town.  Beyond the restaurants, cultural sites, natural wonders and similar recommendations one would expect, the owner looked me straight in the eye and said “Oh,...

Sneak peek: hot new seafood buffet in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Seafood Buffet-Route 1317-Chiang Mai Thailand
Sneak peek: hot new seafood buffet in Chiang Mai — and not a tourist in sight Everyday after 5 pm, snarls of cars and motorbikes — over 100 each at a time — smother both sides of route 1317 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  More than 400 Thai’s a night swarm slipping and sliding along the narrow roadside darting to avoid traffic...

The Motorbike Reigns In Southeast Asia!

RoverTreks — Man sleeping on motorbike
Motorbikes reign in Thailand and throughout South East Asia!  And yes, that's not surprising. 150cc type motorbikes are a primary means of transportation here. There's several reasons for that: many here simply cannot afford cars. And cars are impractical on the narrow city streets where sidewalks, if they exist, serve as parking spots for cars, trucks, bikes, varieties of animal...

Shopping In Thailand: Malls as modern as you’ll find anywhere!

RoverTreks — Two Tricycle Tuk Tuks, Thailand
Worried about finding stuff from your home country while traveling abroad?  That's a legitimate concern.  But you'll have few worries in Thailand.  Here's why. Malls as modern as you'll find anywhere! Some westerners might think of South East Asian nations as lacking some of the services and amenities offered in the west.  This might be true depending on the circumstance.  But...

Why Now Is The Ideal Time Go go To Thailand

RoverTreks — Two Tricycle Tuk Tuks, Thailand
Thailand: The Best Time to Go is Now! Thailand.  The mere utterance of the name ushers in images of an exotic faraway tropical land in SE Asia where basking in magical mountainous mists or bathing in soothing hot springs rejuvenates the body and soul. After all, it seems one need only look at the slender, good-looking, happy Thai’s as suggestive...

Roving Through Retirement One Country At A Time

RoverTrekkers Karla & Tom
We're Tom & Karla. We retired from public service careers long ago. Now we like to travel, make new friends, experience other cultures, and share our stories with the world. We're rovers. That's why you won't see a "home city" for us here!  We travel full-time from country to country or just RV'ing in our home country of the U.S. or elsewhere. Roving The...

RoverTreks — Submission Guidelines for Contributors

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES FOR CONTRIBUTORS READ PAST ARTICLES TO UNDERSTAND OUR CONTENT. ARTICLES Articles must be a minimum of 500 words. Include a minimum of three photos (see guidelines for photos submission below). We prefer a selection of photos that we can choose from. For a feature piece, we may use more photos. Include URLs to three sites that provide additional information...

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