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RoverTreks’ Global Odyssey: Stories that Inspire the Wonder of Travel

Whether you’re a seasoned travel writer or someone who loves to explore the globe through the stories of others, we here at RoverTreks offer an engaging mix of vibrant travel narratives and invaluable tips. You’ll find our stories span the leisurely routes of North America in our RV to the farthest reaches of the globe as we live out of one suitcase apiece when we rove internationally. You’ll find our stories on other travel sites too.

** Editors Note: One aspect of our work that has not and will never change: we write our stories. Our stories stem from our actual travel experiences. We are real. Our travel stories are real. Our work is authentic. Our expertise stems from our travel experience and our lifelong experience in multiple fields of endeavor that empower us create stories based upon facts, supported by evidence, applied logically.

RoverTreks is not and will never be an AI content site. RoverTreks will never be a travel website set up solely to appeal to search engine rankings. We often write in the third person because we think the destination or other topic of our story is more important. Our stories are not about us. Other people, places and things are the subjects of our stories. When we feel we have a personal story or anecdote to share, we will do so.

Easier Access For A New Look

In the spirit of easier access and giving our stories a new look, we are delighted to share a roundup of content credits where our travel writing has taken center stage. We’ve opened doors to unusual destinations, offered insights drawn from years of experience, and emphasized those favorite features that make the places we visit truly unforgettable.

Our online presence extends beyond just our own blog, as we post stories regularly in various media outlets. We’ve adapted to significant trends within the dynamic world of travel journalism, mastering the art of telling stories that the travel space can’t wait to share. At RoverTreks’, content creation is not just about the recollection of places; it’s a careful curation of experiences, designed to educate and entertain our readership. 

Follow us through every open door to adventure, as we continue to push boundaries and refine our craft in the pursuit of unforgettable travel highlights. Stay tuned to our blog for more tales of RoverTreks’ odyssey across the planet, each travel writer’s keystroke capturing the pulse of cultures and the grandeur of nature’s myriad canvases.

Whether it’s through a captivating social media post or an in depth story from the edge of the world keep up with our journeys and join us as we pen the narrative of an ever-changing world yearning to be discovered, one story at a time.

A Glimpse into RV Van Life with FMCA

Our stories with the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) are an ode to the freedom and joy that come with the RV lifestyle. We dove into topics that resonate deeply with today’s climate-conscious explorers, providing more than just travel guides—we deliver narratives that depict life on the road with all its quirks and comforts. Click on the links below to read these stories.

Leisure Vans Series: Georgia’s Unforgettable Detours

For Leisure Vans, we’ve crafted stories that bring forth the essence of Georgia’s landscapes. By marrying the wanderlust of the open road with the allure of quirky, obscure, unique stories found only in out-of-the-way places in Georgia, our stories beckon the curious to discover what lies beyond the main highway on the roads less trodden. Click on the links below to read these stories.

Food, Wine and Travel Magazine Series: Greece

At Food, Wine and Travel Magazine, you’ll find our destination speciality pieces about Greece where we connect the past, present and future of an ancient culture grafts elements of modernity into this fascinating nation.

Plato’s Ideas, Byzantine Fealty, Inspire Eagles Palace Resort
Macedonia: Eight Top Things To Do in Five Days Around Kavala, Greece

Travel World International Magazine

For Travel World International Magazine, you’ll find a story about America’s historic past as the confluence native American, Colonial Settlers, and the geography of the North America collide over a storied past.

Haw River Infuses History, Renews Souls


We’re not just writers. We’re also videographers. Visual story telling is important for an increasingly busy audience that doesn’t always have the time to read a story. Here’s an example of a video we put together for Leisure Vans about Savannah and Tybee Island, Georgia in Exploring Georgia’s Unforgettable Detours off I-95 (Part II). You’ll find the video in the first segment of the story. It’s a three minute overview of the story. Or, click on image below.

RoverTreks.com is more than just a repository of travel stories; it’s a starting point for the burgeoning rover in you. With insights detailed enough to guide, yet expansive enough to inspire, RoverTreks invites you on an unforgettable voyage of personal growth and world discovery.

Join our community on FacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter for real-time updates and engaging content that complements our travel chronicles. Follow along for tips, stories, and an endless stream of travel inspiration, all beckoning you to roam the globe in search of your own tales to tell.

Stay curious, stay roving, and remember that every RoverTreks story is but a portal to your next grand adventure.

From us to you: Keep Roving!

P.S. Sign up to keep up!  Keep your online presence vibrant by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, and regularly checking our website for the latest in travel stories and tips! And soon to come in 2024, our online store with goodies you won’t find anywhere else from our worldwide travels.

Tom @ RoverTreks
Tom @ RoverTrekshttps://rovertreks.com
Writer, futurist, and NASA Advanced Technology Programs Executive (ret.), Tom Talleur connects the past, present and future to inspire audiences and action. His writings and commentary in print, radio and television media span an array of topics, including technology security, history, culture, space, travel, public policy, law, and the future. Media appearances span television, radio, and dozens of print and online publications over the past 25 years. See TomTalleur.com for more information.

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