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KIPOS: Scrumptious Greek food in the heart of North Carolina

Salads on the counter top
KIPOS It's hard to find tasty Greek food outside of Greece. We know. We've spent a lot of time in Greece. Our experience with Greek restaurants outside of Greece is usually satisfactory — little more. That's because Greek food often takes on a "nationalized" flavor in other countries. For example, Greek food in Germany has a decided German flavor (yuck). Our...

Greenland: A cultural, political, and geographic oddity

Church, Southern Greenland
Greenland Greenland. This country tops our list as a destination travel multi-categorical oddity. It’s one of the most out-of-the-way destinations on Earth. It’s a place you’d hardly give a thought to visiting unless you’re a researcher studying the polar ice caps, global warming or indigenous cultures. Yet, if you live the America’s, it’s in your continental backyard since it’s part of...

Shetland: Visit to lose yourself in unique cinematography and history

Iron age home built over bronze age home, The Shetland Islands
At 60° North, a titanic conflict from antiquity rages between the Atlantic and the Sea of the North, for dominion over a subarctic archipelago home to the 100-island chain known as Shetland. But most travelers won’t notice the continuous clash unless inclement weather blocks their only means of passage: sea or air. At landfall, visitors confront striking optics and undeniable...

Want to see the Moon? Go to Iceland.

  Imagine you set up a surprise birthday for your best guy friend. Time and money are no object. On the big day, you blindfold him, put earplugs in his ears, walk him on a plane, and fly to Reykjavik, Iceland. You grab a rental car at the airport, drive about 45 minutes out to the middle of nowhere, stop, and...

Chapman’s Peak, South Africa: where sea, sky, and land becken you to explore

There are few places on earth where Nature offers up a feast for the eyes, a never-ending cornucopia of sea, sky, and land, soothing the soul as the mind senses awe and wonder. Greece is such a place. A close competitor, if not a worthy equal in and of itself, is South Africa. To be sure, it's a much larger,...

Spectacular color and beauty await you at the Keukenhof!

From the Keukenhof
Wandering among the Tulips at Keukenhof, Holland The tulip is a revered symbol of the Netherlands.  And this famous garden in the town of Keukenhof is an iconic symbol of the country. Hop in a car or a bus at the port of Rotterdam, drive for about an hour and half, and you’ll pass through long stretches of stressless lowland countryside dotted with canals, flowers...

Imagine Your Life As A Roving Buffet

Around The World
Imagine Your Life As A Roving Buffet Forty-seven years ago, if you spent a summer in Russia as a foreign exchange student, dashed off to Paris for a week, then spent a week clickety-clacketing to Greece on a train before returning home, you were either desperate to finish college, quirky, a bit crazy, and in debt for six months to...

How to rove: Cruise your way to a new life

Watching a cruise liner @ Half Moon Cay, Bahamas
There's many ways to rove the world.  Most people fly — it's fairly cheap and fast. And most are single destination travelers. They'll fly to and hang out in a city or town or simply explore a geographic region. Time and money drive this behavior. But let’s face it. Flying is a hassle. Many wouldn’t do it at all if...

St. Simons Island, Georgia-USA: Sal’s Neighborhood Pizza

18" Deluxe Pizza - Sal's
New York Pizza in Coastal Georgia We’re eating in U.S. restaurants again given our return from foreign travel.  And a visit to this place is a wonderful reminder of the FRESH food and family-driven, personal touch-of-the-owner style of restaurants we enjoy regularly overseas. The specials of the day are on the daily menu board as you walk in. Stopping by with friends,...

Isle Iza: a new destination wedding site on Skopelos Island, Greece!

Isle Izavideo
Get married near the "Mama Mia" Church on Skopelos Island, Greece When it comes to wedding venues, likes and dislikes are wide-ranging.  Some people want a fancy hotel at an exotic setting in the South Pacific.  Others are happy with a small church wedding in their hometown or a civil ceremony before a justice of the peace. Others still, want something different...

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