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Who wants to read the hype of major travel promotional guides when all they do is accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.  You need the truth — the pro's and the con's about travel opportunities.  We try to do just that in this section of our site.

Independence Plaza, Montevideo

Roving in Uruguay: Top Tips to See the Country by Car – Part III

In this post, we pick up where we left off in Part II of our series citing our top tips for a quick look-see...
The delights you encounter as a Rover. This "Dipsy-Doodle" bridge connects an area near Punta del Este with the small town of La Barra, Uruguay

Roving in Uruguay: Top Tips to See the Country by Car – Part II

In this post, we pick up where we left off in Part I citing our top tips for a quick look-see of Uruguay. As...
Night time shot of the iconic city sign at Montevideo

Roving in Uruguay: Top Tips to see the Country by Car – Part I

Uruguay. It’s a small, somewhat off the-beaten path, Atlantic coast country in the southernmost third of South America. Snuggled next to neighbors Brazil and...
The Sunbury Sound at High Tide

Three great spots for bird watching along the Georgia coast

Coastal Georgia Awaits Birdwatchers Georgia. The mere utterance of the name invokes images of the Deep South and Savannah, with its antebellum homes, wrought iron...
Driftwood Table Base

Driftwood Artist Converts Dreams To Realities

It might seem there’s little reason to drive along Route 17 in coastal Georgia, unless of course, you’re trying to avoid I-95 traffic jams...
Iron age home built over bronze age home, The Shetland Islands

Shetland: Visit to lose yourself in unique cinematography and history

At 60° North, a titanic conflict from antiquity rages between the Atlantic and the Sea of the North, for dominion over a subarctic archipelago...

Want to see the Moon? Go to Iceland.

  Imagine you set up a surprise birthday for your best guy friend. Time and money are no object. On the big day, you blindfold him,...

Greece — Paying By Cash Or Credit Card — How To Decide What To...

Bargaining for cash — common in Greece ... If you travel full-time like we do, or just travel a lot, you probably use your credit...

Packing to travel light. Does this work for you?

Smart travel packing.  How would you deal with your other stuff? Packing to travel light! Here's a great video posted by Incredible on Facebook presenting clever...
RoverTreks — Robben Island

Review: Robben Island, South Africa

 Go to hear the firsthand stories of former prisoners It’s difficult to visit South Africa without conjuring up imagery of Apartheid, slavery, murder, torture, beatings,...

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