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Europe is going through some tough times as of late 2015 — from the Euro monetary to the refugee crises.  Yet there still are some places worthy of your travel budget.  Will report on some fun, off-the-radar destinations here.


Want to see the Moon? Go to Iceland.

  Imagine you set up a surprise birthday for your best guy friend. Time and money are no object. On the big day, you blindfold him,...
From the Keukenhof

Spectacular color and beauty await you at the Keukenhof!

Wandering among the Tulips at Keukenhof, Holland The tulip is a revered symbol of the Netherlands.  And this famous garden in the town of Keukenhof is an...
RoverTreks — Laos, 4WD Rental Truck

How to save money renting cars abroad!

Is loyalty to a rental car brand costing you? If you’re like many of us, you probably hold one or more memberships in a rental...
An aerial view of Loutraki

Escape to Greece: Hidden Beach Getaways Await You On Skopelos

No one knows for sure how many beaches there are on the 12.7-mile long island of Skopelos.  Not even the locals, whose ancestors scaled...
Isle Iza

Isle Iza: A New Destination Wedding Site On Skopelos Island, Greece!

Get married near the "Mama Mia" Church on Skopelos Island, Greece When it comes to wedding venues, likes and dislikes are wide-ranging. Some people want a...

Greece — Paying By Cash Or Credit Card — How To Decide What To...

Bargaining for cash — common in Greece ... If you travel full-time like we do, or just travel a lot, you probably use your credit...

Glimpses of Greece

It's been 30-years since I visited Greece. After walking around Athens I'm starting to feel like I'm "back home". It's been great to hear...

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