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Review: The Sunbury Crab Company, Sunbury, Georgia USA

A food lovers jewel and photographers delight only a 10-minute drive from I-95!

Sunbury Crab Company
Sunbury Crab Company

Georgia. The mere utterance of the name invokes imagery of the Deep South and Savannah, with its antebellum homes, wrought iron gates, cobblestone streets, Spanish moss and lush green scenery. Then there’s the well-known getaways: Tybee, St. Simons, and Jekyll.  But there’s more — much more.

If you’re like many of us, chances are you’ve traversed the 110-some odd miles of I-95 spanning the South Carolina and Florida borders without ever gaining a glimpse of the Georgia coast. Yet the curious venturing off the interstate down a coastal road less traveled will discover small, once dead towns, scores of historic sites, folksy family-run restaurants, and public dock access to the Atlantic and barrier islands home only to wildlife.

Just minutes due east of I-95 at exit 76 lies Sunbury, a seaport village of notable commercial importance during the Revolutionary war era, situated south of Savannah featuring a safe and capacious harbor for deep draft vessels.

It is here, the successful commercial seaport of yesteryear has made a comeback. And The Sunbury Crab Company is smack-dab in the middle of the action.

Enter the Sunbury Crab Company

If you like fresh seafood and a Key West style indoor-outdoor dining experience, you’ll love this place. The reason to visit is to experience the unique ambiance on the water and the great food. The owners gather fresh shell fish from the local waters daily: blue crab, shrimp, and local Ossabaw oysters when they are in season. The port is home to several shrimp boats: you’ll know the shrimp you get is fresh.

Key West Style Eating
Key West Style Eating

Panoramic views await you. The restaurant faces due east toward the St Catherine’s sound. Belle, Ossabaw, St Catherine’s and Colonel islands are visible from the restaurant.

The Sunbury Sound at Dawn
The Sunbury Sound at Dawn

Pass-through between Wednesday and Sunday and you can bask in the ambience and fantastic sights and sounds of the St. Catherine’s sound while enjoying fresh home-cooked meals at this family run restaurant.

There’s live entertainment on weekends. The place is open Wednesday-Sunday.

But it isn’t just the restaurant that makes this place a jewel and a wonderful find for the wandering traveler. After you finish your meal, take a walk out along the dock and then get back in your car take a look around.

A Revolutionary War era town

Sunbury Famous Persons Sign
Sunbury Famous Persons Sign

Sunbury is a 400-year old revolutionary era town and home to two signers of the Declaration of Independence. Natives Lyman Hall and Button Gwinnett, two signers of the Declaration of Independence, led Sunbury residents in rebellion against the British Crown even though the colony of Georgia was chiefly loyalist. Eventually, the British razed the village and captured nearby Fort Morris. Misfortune through the War of 1812, led to the declaration of Sunbury as a “dead town” in Georgia by the 1830’s.

The area is chock-full of historical sites such as revolutionary Fort Morris and the local cemetery.

Take a drive out to the local public dock where you can see skyscapes, seascapes and wildlife galore.

Today, Sunbury is an active recreational port. Every Friday afternoon, roads to the area bulge with pickup trucks and trailers hauling boats to the public dock, a gateway for unfettered access to the Atlantic and local areas for nature watchers, fishers, sailors and weekend water warriors. In fact, boaters head over to the Sunbury Crab Company marina to top off their fuel tanks.

Sunbury Crab Company Marina
Sunbury Crab Company Marina

Or take a drive (very slowly) along old Sunbury Road. This dirt road exits off of Brigantine Dunmore and goes straight back to I-95. It’s the road the Colonists used 400 years ago to move goods brought over by ship out of the port, across Georgia to destinations far and wide.

400-year old, Old Sunbury Road
400-year old, Old Sunbury Road

The entire area is a photographers dream. Any time of day you can see bald eagles, golden eagles, armadillos, game birds including wild Turkey, hawks, vultures, Osprey, and more.


By land, take exit 76 off of interstate highway I-95 due east. Drive 5 miles. Turn left at Fort Morse Road (it’s just past the Chevron station). Drive 3 miles down Fort Morris Road. You’ll enter the villages Sunbury. Drive straight over to speed bumps and you’ll notice the restaurant on the right just after the condominiums.

By sea, enter the Saint Catherine’s sound from the Atlantic or via the intercoastal waterway. Follow the channel markers to the Medway River. The restaurant is the last Marina on your left.


Address: 539 Brigantine Dunmore Rd, Midway, GA 31320
Menu: sunburycrabco.com
Hours: Wednesday through Sunday
Phone: (912) 884-8640

Tom @ RoverTreks
Tom @ RoverTrekshttps://rovertreks.com
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