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Once your in a new location you'll need ideas about where to go and what to do and when.  We'll do that here telling you what we found out in our destination travels.

Driftwood Table Base

Driftwood Artist Converts Dreams To Realities

It might seem there’s little reason to drive along Route 17 in coastal Georgia, unless of course, you’re trying to avoid I-95 traffic jams...

Chapman’s Peak, South Africa: where sea, sky, and land becken you to explore

There are few places on earth where Nature offers up a feast for the eyes, a never-ending cornucopia of sea, sky, and land, soothing...

Glimpses of Greece

It's been 30-years since I visited Greece. After walking around Athens I'm starting to feel like I'm "back home". It's been great to hear...
RoverTreks — A nighttime view of Strand & Gordon's Bay from Somerset West, South Africa

Glimpses of South Africa

South Africa In a word: Wow! Some of the imagery seems to be taken straight out of Jurassic Park. Why go? To see the sights, go...
RoverTreks — A nighttime view of Strand & Gordon's Bay from Somerset West, South Africa

How to snag international flights on the cheap

The azure waters surrounding the beaches on Fiji.  The spectacular seascapes pummeling the shores of South Africa.  The hauntingly beautiful contrasts of sea, sky,...
O. Winston Link — Steam Engine Photographer

Rovin’ in Roanoke: The O. Winston Link Museum — Part II

If you love photography and are fascinated with trains, you won't be disappointed if you visit the O. Winston Link museum in downtown Roanoke, co-located...

Rovin’ in Roanoke: First Impressions — Part I

If you hop in a car and drive westerly out Route 66 from the Washington, D.C. area for about an hour to Front Royal,...

From Corporate Nutritionist To World Roving Biker, Entrepreneur & Filmmaker

Editors update January 2018: Julie now leads tours for lady mountain bikers in Nepal. We'll catch up with her story in 2018. Editors update March...
The Namib Desert

Glimpses of Namibia

Namibia. A stunning, stark, visceral, hauntingly beautiful country that must be seen in person. You have to experience it.  Pictures and video's do not...

Getting to “No” in Southeast Asia

Reader alert: Getting to "No" in Southeast Asia can be hard to do We're all too dumb to know what we want as travelers in...

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