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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Weboost Drive 4-GM Cell Booster

Get a super cell phone boost on the go

Ok. You’re planning your pack-out for your next trip.   Power is on your mind as you count and test your batteries and chargers for...
Julie biking

My Top 8 Truths About Being a Rover

Editors note:  As of March 2017, Julie and her co-riders are in Nepal, filming "Endure Nepal".  We'll keep you posted on updates as we...
Beautiful view near San Sebastian, Spain.

The 5 Top Reasons Why You Should Travel With a Bike

You get to see places from the best perspective on a bike. Driving doesn’t allow for the same sights, sounds, smells and experience. Being...
Yosemite-Meeting on the Dome Top

The Number One Way Travel Has Changed My Life

Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted to travel the world. That dream never faded and only intensified, as I got older....

From Corporate Nutritionist To World Roving Biker, Entrepreneur & Filmmaker

Editors update January 2018: Julie now leads tours for lady mountain bikers in Nepal. We'll catch up with her story in 2018. Editors update March...
The Namib Desert

Glimpses of Namibia

Namibia. A stunning, stark, visceral, hauntingly beautiful country that must be seen in person. You have to experience it.  Pictures and video's do not...
JFK proposing the Peace Corps

The Peace Corps — a great option for rovers. Interested? Tweak your...

The Peace Corps — a great option for rovers who like to learn languages, explore other cultures in depth and help others.   Does...
The Seafood Buffet-Route 1317-Chiang Mai Thailand

Sneak peek: hot new seafood buffet in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sneak peek: hot new seafood buffet in Chiang Mai — and not a tourist in sight Everyday after 5 pm, snarls of cars and motorbikes —...

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