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Spectacular color and beauty await you at the Keukenhof!

Wandering among the Tulips at Keukenhof, Holland

The tulip is a revered symbol of the Netherlands.  And this famous garden in the town of Keukenhof is an iconic symbol of the country.

Hop in a car or a bus at the port of Rotterdam, drive for about an hour and half, and you’ll pass through long stretches of stressless lowland countryside dotted with canals, flowers and grazing animals. You’ll marvel at the vast fields filled with blooming tulips sprouting up from the rich countryside kilometer after kilometer.  Some Europeans visit year after year just to see the variations in flowers and the astonishing vistas of bulb fields.

Tulip from the Keukenhof
Tulip from the Keukenhof

Does it get any better than this?

You’ll see gorgeous flower gardens all over the world. We’ve seem them in South Africa, Thailand, South America and elsewhere in Europe.  The Keukenhof gardens present what many consider the most beautiful springtime park in the world, featuring almost 80 acres of flowering tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other spring bulbs.

From the Keukenhof
From the Keukenhof

A feast for your eyes —This is the stuff of picture-postcards

These gardens are part of the most important bulb-growing area in Holland. Originally, they were an area surrounding a local castle kitchen — hence the name Keukenhof — meaning ‘the kitchen garden’.

From the Keukenhof
From the Keukenhof

A visit to these gardens is a feast for the senses.  This is the stuff of picture post cards with the sight and scent of thousands of perfect, colorful flowers.

From the Keukenhof
From the Keukenhof

If you visit, don’t miss the stunning flower show in the pavilion, where local and exotic plants promise to dazzle in blooming Technicolor.

From the Keukenhof
From the Keukenhof

How to get there:

Check out these directions to find out how to get there from Amsterdam.

When to go:

Generally, the last two weeks of April or the first week of May.  But, ideal times, suprisingly, change from year to year because of variations in weather.  Check out this source for the best time to visit for the year you plan to go.

Karla is the Chief Executive Officer of RoverTreks.Com. She is a lawyer, member of the bar in Georgia and Texas, with 30-years of executive experience and 10-years as an Adjunct Professor teaching Technology Law, Enforcement and Cyber Business Law courses at the graduate school level. She is also a travel journalist and member of the North American Travel Journalists Association.

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